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I'm a software engineer who cannot decide whether to live at a geological or quantitative timescale. Either way, I enjoy every femtosecond of life. This is my website. Repository of my ideas, hyperboles, limericks, and half-baked theories. I am currently unavailable for projects, but feel free to say hey, especially if you know anything about particle accelerators.

I consider myself very fortunate because my "job" simply entails making things work beautifully. Programming since the age of 12, I am predisposed to engineering acuity and with a strong, mathematical mind, am able to whittle even the largest objectives into smaller comprehensible components. At 16, I started my own development company, Narrow Labs, where I eventually led a team of 6 engineers, developing applications across multiple platforms and industries.

Most Recent Projects

Cloud Accounting

Project started in May 2013

My most current project is not actually public yet, so it's top secret! However, I can tell you that it's revolutionary cloud accounting software and I'm leading a team of 6 developers.

Node.js · Backbone.js · iOS/Mobile Development · Developer API · Distributed Databases


Project started in 2011

Grapnel.js is a simple, lightweight JavaScript Router with hash-based event handling.

View Project on GitHub · JavaScript


Project started in 2010

Grep through entire source tree based on an expression or string

View Project on GitHub · Perl

Lethbridge IT

February 2013

Commissioned to develop this simple mockup for Lethbridge IT Solutions in February 2013 using Backbone.js and Bootstrap.

View Mockup · Node.js · MongoDB · Bootstrap · Backbone.js

Charles Anthony Millworks

January 2013

Commissioned to create this mockup for Charles Anthony Millworks in January 2013. Staging site is currently not available.

Landing Page Mockup · Gallery Mockup · Gallery Internal Page Mockup · PHP · MySQL · Nginx

Organic Liaison

2010 through 2013

Managed the development team and oversaw the building of the Organic Liaison platform. Responsible for all back-end programming and application/iOS development written in Node.js, PHP, and Objective-C. It was also my responsibility to turn designer's mockups into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Reported directly to the CTO.

Visit Website · PHP · MySQL · Node.js · JavaScript · CSS · HTML5 · Objective-C · API · Apache

MySQL Cities

Project Started in 2008

MySQL Cities is a resource for developers to download a database of zipcodes and their respective geocentric location, cities, states, and populations.

Visit Website · PHP · MySQL · Developer API · Google Maps API

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